Too bad there weren't red 6's and 0's....(there were red 2's)


The van. And Kevin trying out the podium Thursday night...


Kevin and Woz keynoting.


The "Legends of Hacking" tour. Coming to a city near you.


We thought he knew about this! Really! (All hail the bowl)


The Blarney Rock (Exit hotel. Go right and right). Not to be confused with the Blarney Stone (Exit hotel. Go left and left).


Woz on wheels!


Legal babe. And Staci with an "i".


The vans are from Channels 2 and 11.

(Tried to get the "If this doesn't work, we'll move to Canada" subtitle from LOTR, but camera too slow.)


And, of course, Wendy.


And a good time was had by all.

(Quote from Woz: "A Vaio?! I should have signed it 'Mickey Mouse'")